Creative expression is inherent to human existence. It is how our imagination becomes an active ingredient in our lives. However, as we grow older, it is common to believe creative expression is segregated into categories of artist versus non-artist, and never the twain shall meet. Yes, some of us are talented and even gifted, but that is entirely different. We are born with an imagination, and creativity is ever present, as it is the sheer pulse of life. 

We falter when our self-identity, self-confidence, and acquired beliefs begin to outweigh our desire to express ourselves creatively. The good news is if this process of self-defeat is thwarted early in life, creative expression will thrive and become a powerful tool for self-development and accomplishment.

Some Facts

  • Studies show that being creative motivates individuals to achieve more ambitious goals. 
  • Participating in creative ways of expression builds self-confidence. 
  • Working with others on creative projects can be a unifying force in decreasing social barriers and strengthening interpersonal connections.

Creativity Project

The video below was the final product of a workshop I offered to middle school students. The students were not involved in arts programs other than what was provided in school. I had previously written the song and prerecorded the background instruments but had yet to finish the lyrics or develop a storyline for the video, which was to be a group effort. The editing was done later but submitted to the students for any requests or suggestions that they might have before the final cut was made. It was a great workshop, a fun project, and thoroughly enjoyed by all.