Arts and Crafts – Music and Dance – Storytelling Indigenous Games – Cultural Awareness

This fun and activity-filled program explores a variety of indigenous cultures and their unique forms of creativity. We will take a trip around the world with program activities such as arts and crafts, music and dance, storytelling, and cultural games. Throughout this course, the children will:

  • Make individual Talking Sticks used in Native American, African, and Aboriginal cultures and learn how they are used in group communication.
  • Explore the art of Storytelling within various cultures and participate in coinciding art activities such as creating Celtic storybooks and learning Aborigine Dot Art techniques.
  • Learn songs and rhythms of various cultures such as Native American, South American, and South African.
  • Learn traditional dances of Native American and African cultures, as well as the Irish Jig.
  • Learn indigenous games that children have played for centuries.

Course Goals: Exploring a creative approach to understanding cultural diversity. Working with various art disciplines. Having a fun filled, activity centered experience.

Art Forms: Arts and Crafts, Visual Arts, Storytelling, Music, and Dance

Age Groups:  5-7   8-10

Days: Monday – Friday