The Art of Creative Expression

Storytelling – Creative Writing – Music Production   Choreography – Videography

This program is designed for participants to experience The Art of Creative Expression by working as a group to identify a social cause and tell its story. Creatively we will explore while building connections between different concepts through various art forms. Within this process, they will touch upon creative writing, songwriting, scriptwriting, storytelling, videography, and performance production. We will also develop a stage presence with the aid of visual arts. The course finale will be the presentation of a meaningful performance.

Course Goals: Working through a creative process, strengthening communication skills, team building, gaining self-confidence through self-expression, learning presentation/performance techniques, working with various art disciplines, and learning the importance of advocacy

Art Forms: Storytelling, Creative Writing, Music Production, Chorography, Visual Arts, and Videography

Age Groups:  10-12       13-15

Days: Monday – Friday