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The focus of this lesson is on pictographs and their importance within Native American culture. As explained in the Webster dictionary, a pictograph is a symbol that represents a word, idea, phrase, or feeling. Pictographs were the earliest form of writing in human culture. Examples have been discovered in Egypt and Mesopotamia as early as 3000 BC.

Storytelling has held an important place in indigenous culture. Stories passed down from generation to generation are used to pass on knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, traditions, etc. Different cultures offer various types of storytelling techniques. In this lesson, we will focus on using Native American sign language as a resource for the students to tell their own stories.

Long before the Spanish ships of Christopher Columbus reached the shores of America, Native Americans inhabited the land. According to anthropologists and geographers these native people lived in various areas of North America where they shared similar lifestyles, habitats, and characteristics. Within this lesson we will discuss 5 specific region of American indigenous life: the northeastern region: the northwestern region; the southeastern region; the southwestern region; and the central plains region which vertically encompasses both northern and southern areas.