“Once upon a time in a land not so far away, on the other side of all this, in the land of all that, where rainbows appear like smiling faces and bubbles of laughter ride the wind…there lives the Divinely Clueless Fairy Godmother who knows what she knows but sometimes forgets.”   

The Divinely Clueless Fairy Godmother videos combine stories and songs with puppetry animation. They intend to teach problem-solving through positive action. In this video series, the main characters are Fairy Godmother and her trusty sidekicks, Ali the mighty winged gator, Peanut Butter, the cute and cuddly little dog, and Jelly the loud and noisy parrot.

The first story, “The Divinely Clueless Fairy Godmother,” is centered on the act of believing. The Fairy Godmother High Council reveals that flower fairies are fading away due to the disbelief in the world today. Fairy Godmother and her trusty sidekicks take immediate action. After accessing the situation, Fairy Godmother feels it best to ask the Tickle Monster if he can do anything to help. The Tickle Monster had a great idea to solve the problem. All it took was a bit of love, tickling, and children’s laughter, and all became well in the world again. 

The second story, “The Divinely Clueless Fairy Godmother Visits Swampville,” is focused on caring and the stewardship of our environment. Fairy Godmother receives a wish from Padora, a southern panther concerned about the future of the swamp. So she and her trusty sidekicks fly to the wetlands to investigate. Once she arrives, it is revealed to her by Padora that the once kind and thoughtful Fairy Godmother of the Swamp has fallen victim to the “nobody seems to care anymore” spell and has turned into a grumpy ole swamp witch. The wetlands are beginning to dry up and wither away. As the act of caring breaks the spell, the Fairy Godmother of the swamp returns to her kind and loving self.

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